Ang Xue Ning

Ang Xue Ning (b. 2000, Singapore; lives and works in Singapore) is a multidisciplinary artist and alumna of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Diploma in Fine Art, 2020), Singapore. During her time at the institution, she was awarded the Woon Tai Jee Art Prize (First Prize) for NAFA’s Fine Art graduating award and the Ngee Ann Kongsi Gold Medal 2020. She is also a recipient of the Harvard Prize Book 2019/2020. Ang’s practice focuses on the exploration of materials to represent human qualities. Gaining influences from the constant exposure to both living and deceased animals, her work features animal figures placed in an obscure or absurd setting. She sees the process of art-making as an adventure. By looking into the variable factors of a work, such as in the material and environment, she aims to stretch the possibilities of way a subject could be portrayed. Ang is currently honing her craft by assisting in the curating process and craftwork at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle.