Loi Cai Xiang x Li Mowen

Friendship Tapestry x Board Game



Digital Painting and Collage


30 x 42 cm

Artists’ Name:

Loi Cai Xiang, Li Mowen

Friendship Tapestry x Board Game is a simple game inspired by the classic Snakes and Ladders, created to foster bonding among new friends. The idea for the artwork started with the sharing of personal memories between Cai Xiang and Mowen, retracing geographical location of each memory on the map and merging the memories to explore the notion of chance and encounters in friendship. The memories’ locations become the cornerstone for dialogues and new narratives which influence the design for the tapestry. The memories are represented as icons, as part of the board game, each offering a task relating to friendship to aid players to understand one another better.