Jaxton Su x Nhozagri




Three-Channel Video and Website


6 min 19 sec

Artists’ Name:

Jaxton Su, Nhozagri

Trespassing is a collaboration between Jaxton and Nhozagri that attempts to form parallels between the ideas of friendship and forests. It explores how building friendship with another is like navigating through each other’s forests. There is a feeling of disorientation and uncertainty at first as one navigates within, but with the discovery and understanding of new things, one starts to unveil the manifold layers and terrains of the enigmatic and uncharted landscape constructed by the other, and in the process formulating a friendship. The new media artwork culminates from the multiple exchanges between both artists as they get to know each other through a series of zoom meetings and creative tasks including mapping field trips, prop-making, instructional performances, as well as audio and video editing.