Chong Huai Seng


Chong Huai Seng is a Singapore based art collector. His regular visits to China in the early 2000s sparked an interest in Chinese art, especially Chinese contemporary ink. In 2003, Chong founded The China Art Foundation to promote Chinese contemporary ink artists. In 2004, he supported and helped organize a major ink exhibition called Xin Xie Yi 《新写意》held at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing. The exhibition, which was curated by Mr Liu Xiaochun, Researcher at the Chinese Art Research Institute, showcased twenty-five artists and attracted over 50,000 visitors. The exhibition was considered to be a significant event in the Chinese art community; it played a part in profiling some of today’s renowned Chinese ink artists such as Wucius Wong, Tian Liming, Li Jin, Nan Qi, Chao Hai, Liu QingHe, Peng Wei, Jia Youfu and Tan Swie Hian. Chong continues to support ink artists from China whilst also collecting works in other medium by contemporary Chinese artists. Over the last seven years, Chong has also been collecting art from Singapore and South East Asia.